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By owning our CEO exclusive Limited NFT, you will receive notifications and whitelist access to her activities on our Shibafriend NFT metaverse NFT Gallery, metaverse ShibaMALL, metaverse Karaoke, metaverse Cinema!

ABOUT OUR CEO – SHIBA VENTURE DIVISION Apple is a woman serial entrepreneur who established PLA in 2014, a service and trading company. PLA is a diversified company providing services in traveling, flight tickets, logistics, land investment as well as cosmetic e-commerce.

In 2021, Apple has expanded her interest in the GAMEFI field with ShibafriendNFT as her latest venture. Shibafriend NFT Metaverse is the FIRST in the world to feature SHIBA INUS and FOCUS on the 1.4 Billion FEMALE GAMERS, 49% of the Gamer Market. Apple’s mission is to empower Female Gamers and Non-Gamers to become our SHIBA INFLUENCERS to start play to earn in our metaverse!

Our Metaverse is a triple AAA Shiba Pet Metaverse with REAL 3D Shiba NFT roaming in Shiba Cities NFT with real landmarks and real buildings.