French Bulldog Clothing:Tips on Glamming up Bulldogs

French Bulldogs Are Truly Affectionate And Friendly

Some would refer to them as a dog born to be of a companion. They may be regarded as slow when it comes to protecting your house when broken by mean people. But here’s what, because maybe they are not bred to fight people. Barking at people isn’t even their characteristic. They get along well with other dogs that’s why pet owners find French Bulldog sweet, cute, and friendly. No wonder these dogs are so loved. And what about putting on them clothings? Well, that’s absolutely a great thing to do and they’ll surely be running around glamorously.

Now, if you are an owner of a French Bulldog, you probably have an idea of how they are being clothed. Clothing them is not just about making them cute.

French Bulldogs Have A Single Thin Coat

They are prone to overheat, hyperthermia, and even allergies. Clothing them appropriately will help them stay warm or safe from environmental allergens. And the bonus is, they get to be glammed up whenever you bring them outside.

So, in choosing your french bulldog clothing, there are things that you need to look into. After all, it’s not just about glamming up your pet but also considering its comfort while wearing clothes. Here are tips that you can follow when choosing French Bulldog Clothing.

Introducing Clothing to your dog

Sometimes, dogs may get annoyed when clothed. Especially on warm days, dogs do not want to be clothed because it may add up to their warm body. That is why you need to be selective about their clothes to wear by clicking on French Bulldog clothing.

First, You Must Choose Something Easy To Wear

Just like recommending clothes to your friend, surely you would want super comfy clothes. Putting on comfy and easy to wear clothes will help you and your dog get used to putting on bulldog apparel. When dogs get used to putting on them, it will be easier for them to wear on the stylish move on to the next level of glamming up.

When Measuring, Use A Soft Tape To Measure The Body Of Your French Bulldog

Yes, you may take into consideration the weight of the dog but the most important thing is to take a look at the dog’s chest girth and neck girth. Wearing clothing fitted and comfy on their chest and girth will help them adjust easily with clothing.

Frenchie Sweaters could be a great start. You can just hang around a sweater on their shoulders at the start. This will make them familiarize the structure and even the warmth of the clothing you put on them. When they get used to it, you may start to allow them to wear hoodies, clothes that can carry their arms and legs, even boots! Of course, you need to be smart in looking at the dog if it’s enjoying the clothes or not. If you are already sure the dog will not mess up with clothing anymore, then you can finally glam up your dog and be get proud of your style.

Protecting Dog’s Legs With Boots

Alright, here’s an extra tip. I know you don’t want that cute dog to step on the street or anywhere that might have dirt.

The tendency is, you will just want to carry your dog all the time. Well, you can’t show off your dog’s stylish clothing if you will not allow him to ramp.

Putting on a pair of boots will help a lot. Aside from it matching with the clothing and adding upon its stylish look, you get to protect your dog's legs.

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