This is a “General Game Documentation” on how to “GET STARTED” with Shiba Music Beat game, the first GameFi.

PRE-REQUISITES that are required for you to play Shiba Music Beat:

You will need a WALLET to be able to play. If you do not have a wallet you can register for a METAMASK WALLET by referring to

You will need to get a test BNB currency. To set-up the Binance testnet in Metamask refer to

Once you have the Binance test account, you can add the test BNB into your test wallet. To do so click on this link


  1. REGISTER New Account
  • GO TO (use only Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser to register)
  • CLICK on “Connect Wallet”
  • SELECT on the wallet that you would like to use for the game
  • CLICK on the “Sign” button on Signature Request of your wallet and sign in to Shibafriend

2. BUY a Shiba NFT

  • It is COMPULSORY for you to own a Shiba NFT to play Music Beat game.
  • CLICK on “NFT marketplace” on the main dashboard
  • SELECT the Shiba NFT that you want and CLICK on the “BUY” button
  • CLICK on “BUY NOW” button
  • CLICK on the “Confirm” button in your Metamask Wallet extension to complete the purchase of your Shiba NFT.
  • CLICK on the “Back“ button

3. CONNECT Shiba NFT to Music Beat Game

  • CLICK on your purchased Shiba NFT
  • CLICK on “Select on Game” button to link your purchased Shiba NFT to the Shiba Music Beat Game.

4. CREATE Username & Password

  • CLICK on your wallet tab and SELECT on “MY ACCOUNT”

5. LOGIN to Account

  • GO TO or play from the app apk
  • You can now play Shiba Music Beat Game on both your PC and mobile web browser as well as on your mobile app (only android apk).
  • FILL IN your “User Name” and “Password” in the columns
  • CLICK on the “LOGIN” button

6. PLAY Shiba Music Beat Game

  • It is strongly advisable to play Shiba Music Beat on your PHONE.
  • To PLAY simply CLICK on the “Play” button of any soundtrack of your choice.
  • Once in the game, you can spin and view your Shiba pet in 360° by swiping on it.
  • Click on the “PLAY” button to START playing.
  • On a PC WEB BROWSER: Use your mouse cursor to click on the left and right button to move your Shiba
  • On your MOBILE: Tap on the left and right button to move your Shiba


  • Complete the song without losing any life, you will win 10,000 Diamond Tokens

8. CHECK & CLAIM Your Diamonds

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • CLICK on “TOKEN” and you will see your daily wins
  • CLICK on the “CLAIM” Button and you can claim the Diamond tokens into your Metamask Wallet
  • Requires BNB for gas fee and SHF Token for withdrawal fees

Shibafriend Links:

Website | Whitepaper | Medium | Facebook | Telegram Chat | Telegram Channel | Discord Server | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin | Linktree

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