Dear valued community,


We would like to express our gratitude for your patience while we have been working on improving our game, NFT, & token utility. We understand that it has been a long wait, but we have been facing significant challenges in the uncertain landscape of web3 gaming.


We have been testing various business models to combine web2 and web3 gamefi together. We have been progressing with caution and have postponed or rejected certain ideas that did not meet our standards of fun and engagement.


Next few days, we will be showcasing our latest developments, which we believe will be loved by everyone. As a sneak peek, we are excited to introduce the next evolution of our Shiba, which will enable Shiba NFT owners to earn passive income from every Shiba sold in our upcoming games.




Furthermore, we will be releasing information on current Shiba NFT owner eligibility to upgrade or migrate their NFT to the new Shiba. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing our progress with you.

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